Front Rotor Brake for NISSAN MAXIMA QX IV 2.5

NISSAN MAXIMA Rotor 4020640U00.

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Front Rotor Brake for NISSAN MAXIMA QX IV 2.5 - High-quality disc brake rotors and brake drums manufacturer from Taiwan | Chihon Machinery Co., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan, Chihon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Front Rotor Brake for NISSAN MAXIMA QX IV 2.5 - disc brake rotors and brake drums supplier of automobile and light truck. ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified since 1987 with over 500 brake disc selections.

To have a perfect standard request on the product, a grinding machine was imported from Japan. YDL has also expanded to racing product ranges (such as Slotted / Drilled / Two Piece / Big Brake Kits) and offers more choices for automobiles by specializing in research and development.

YDL has been offering customers high-quality disc brake rotors and brake drums for automobile and light trucks since 1987, both with advanced technology and 41 years of experience, YDL ensures each customer's demands are met.

Front Rotor Brake for NISSAN MAXIMA QX IV 2.5


The auto vented disc brake rotor used for NISSAN MAXIMA QX IV -2000. These front axle replacement is produced with strict technology and design that makes them last longer. For product, we applied OE automotive quality standards, and well-certified in ISO system. The OE compatible numbers are 40206-40U00, 40206-2Y502, 40206-40U12, etc.

In order to keep up with the market especially in Japanese models, our brake disc meets ISO and TS certification. Our highly strict quality control is to have a safety trip for drivers. YDL offers a brake rotors range with excellent performance, reliability, durability, and comfort in all conditions. Through our dedication to high-quality products and competitive price to meet customer's requests, we have earned good feedback from our clients.

CHIHON, YDL disc brake rotor is your ideal parts choice.


  • 1994-2000 MAXIMA QX IV 2.5 V6 24V / 3.0
  • 1997-2000 MAXIMA QX IV Station Wagon 2.5 V6 24V / 3.0 QX


  • 40206-40U00
  • 40206-40U02
  • 40206-40U12
  • 40206-2Y502
  • 40206-2Y503
  • 40206-2Y505
  • 40206-3L101
  • 40206-3L103
  • 40206-89E01


  • BREMBO# 09.7933.10
  • RAYBESTOS# 96948
  • TEXTAR# 92179003
  • WAGNER# BD125732E

Product Specification

DIMENSION (mm)Diameter (Ø): 280
Thickness (TH): 26
Centring diameter (C): 68
Number of holes (B): 5 + 2
Overall Height (H): 50
Diameter for Disc Brake Rotor

Additional Information

  • Material: Grey cast iron FC250 / G3000
  • Package: Polybag, White / Color Box or pallets
  • Warranty: 1 year / 20,000km
  • Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan


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