Manufacturing of brake disc

Brake system

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Chihon, a professional manufacturer of high-quality disc brake rotors and brake drums for automobile and light trucks.

Based in Taiwan, Chihon Machinery Co., Ltd. is a disc brake rotors and brake drums supplier of automobile and light truck. ISO 9001 and TS16949 certified since 1987 with over 500 brake disc selections.

To have a perfect standard request on the product, a grinding machine was imported from Japan. YDL has also expanded to racing product ranges (such as Slotted / Drilled / Two Piece / Big Brake Kits) and offers more choices for automobiles by specializing in research and development.

YDL has been offering customers high-quality disc brake rotors and brake drums for automobile and light trucks since 1987, both with advanced technology and 41 years of experience, YDL ensures each customer's demands are met.

Manufacturing of brake disc

Brake Disc Rotor Manufactured To Match Original Disc Brake Requirements

Brake system
Brake system

Chihon (YDL) basic processes in the production of brake disc rotor for automobiles component parts. The basic process is divided into 4 steps, includes:
1. Purchasing raw materials (R&D tooling test, report inspection, mass product casting, material and hardness testing),
2. Scheduling, programming and machining (including customized design such as slotted and drilled),
3. Measurement and inspection,
4. Packaging and shipment.

Manufacturing Steps:

Disc Brake Rotor Steps

Disc Brake Rotors Quality
Disc Brake Rotors Quality
Material of disc brake rotors

In terms of materials, we select FC250 (US: G3000; CN: HT250) in accordance with the standards of the OE manufacture, and each batch of materials has chemical analysis and physical analysis report. Chemical analysis has the specification and content of elements to determine the quality of good or bad. The physical analysis is divided into two parts: 1) tensile test (tensile strength kg/mm² above 25 in the specification) and hardness test (Brinell HB 170-240): 2) organization test (graphite & Al Qaeda Ferrite below 5%).

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Measuring tools are very important in quality inspection, so we send back to the manufacturer to calibrate the measuring tools every year. We use different measuring instruments for checking, there are Mitutoyo (Japanese brand) calliper nonius, bore gage, height gage, micrometers, and etc. to exam the dimension whether it meets the processing tolerance standard.